Now we are living in the era of legal positivism. However, the dictatorship and tyranny demolish this value.

Political dictatorship prevents people to attain their substantial rights. The human beings have God-given values and credits which are essentially recognized in a democratic system. But the people are deprived of their right for free opinion and expression in dictatorship regimes and there is no freedom for citizens.
One democrat never give in to bullying. Cruelty is not compatible with the Human spirit, since the mankind has soft feelings, so his spirit becomes damaged from the effects of pressure and violence.
Nowadays, the mankind is in highest level of awareness, so he will not accept the imposed ideas.
Although the religions primarily came for comfort of human beings, but gradually have changed the tack and attained ugliest position in ruling system. The religious leaders abused the people based on censorship and with the fame of religions. Inquisition is common in such religious governments, so this is basically against the Democracy. Actually, the divine religions are consisting a type of autocracy to hallow their restrictions.