The International Worker’s Day, Seen by Boroujerdi

Greetings to dear workers throughout the world, I respect to all those who are in worker’s clothes; Worker (laborer) is a universal and an encompassing title; anyone who is busy working, bears the title of a worker; from the Lord our creator all the way down, they all bear the title of worker. Active, is one of God’s terms, which denotes someone who is constantly working and working hard. God’s work is that of managing creation. A worker’s position is high, noble and extensive, because he/she has a vital role, and the livelihood of the society revolves due to his/her work in every part and sector. The rulers in every country are in fact and in reality workers; even though there is a feudal (worker/master) system everywhere, where the workers puts in great efforts so that his/her master can continue acting as a master; and if there are no workers, the ruler will not be able to stand in power; there is no difference - whether it is the worker of the municipality whose job is to clean and remove the garbage from the streets and alleys, or the workers of an oil company, Ministry of Oil, or the workers in a hospital.

A teacher is also a worker - who works in the scientific and intellectual field, as workers sometimes serve the community by using their intellect, thinking and rational formulas and at other times by using their hands, feet and other limbs. In reality a worker embodies the society – a society without a worker is tantamount to the death of the society; hence, a worker must be appreciated in every aspect. Everywhere in the world, the workers are oppressed and are deprived of a real material and spiritual compensation – in other words they are not properly appreciated and do not receive appropriate wages and salaries.

Do they name streets after a worker? There is a street called the worker’s street, but do they actually name a street, alley, square, hospital or a school after an actual worker? These are spiritual encouragements, and from a material point of view, a worker’s earnings should be higher than the poverty guidelines determined by them (the government), and not lower or equal to. If the human society provided everyone’s rights based on justice and human conscience, today we would not see the wide range of crushed workers in the human society. Even when they protest it is to no avail; when the workers in any country protest against the poor conditions of their lives, their voices are not heard, whether they have the right to demonstrate or not, whether their demonstration is broadcast and promoted by the mass media or are repressed, there is no difference, as in the first case it is about a mere pretext to show that there is freedom and democracy there, and in the latter case it is about tyranny, and they are even proud of it!

Oppression of a worker in any form or manner is tantamount to oppression of mankind, because when a worker is weakened due to discrimination and as a result neglects his work because of discrimination, this will reflect on the rest of the people, as this is how things revolve. Now, what can we do so that the society may progress - we should either distribute wages in an equal manner, meaning the national reserves should be divided equally among all the people, or if they say that “this or that person has put in more efforts and has studied more”, then at least the wages of workers should not fall below the poverty guidelines, and if we are unable to raise them to that level or to reduce the guidelines, we should at least make sure that they work will not be called one of “agonizing” – what difference is there between the family of a worker and the family of a doctor? What difference is there between the family or a worker and the family of a director? They both have children; they both have a wife, and the children of both have desires and basic needs!

A successful government takes care of its workers; a compassionate employer offers a great product to the market, because when he takes care of the worker, the worker feels at home and works with all his heart and soul, but when he sees that employer’s boots crushing him and hears: “if you are not happy, you can leave”, then there is a rapid modification of power! Right from the beginning of the worker’s employment, the contract is prepared in such a way that he will not have anything to resort to, and as result he fails to perform and ruins the job. Why are domestic products performing so poorly? If you keep trying to promote them and mention the patriotic wisdom and try to awaken the sleeping conscience by saying it is a shame and that you should buy domestic products so that the worker does not go hungry, well this is just one aspect of the matter but not all of it – because workers need to be taken care of.

All the past prophets were workers - they understood the needs of workers; the prophets were either shepherds, farmers, or merchants, they would transport goods between cities and countries. Hoping to see the day when the poor human societies, are no longer unemployed, without money, weak and disadvantaged, desperate and depressed – that is when the society will be considered an ideal one, that society will be one which is democracy oriented, that society will be a utopian society, the rest is just empty and meaningless slogans!