Victimized by Terrorism or by God of Religions?

By: Maryam Moazen zadeh

The occurrence of such crimes is not surprising, as initially the people had been forced to adopt this religion by sword and arms.The religion established based on what the prophet said "I have been missioned to kill, until you say there is no God but Allah", has no advantage unless ISIS and the Taliban.

From the words of the Boroujerdi, the Teacher, religious lessons The savage assassination and beheading of Samuel Patty, the French teacher of history, by a young Chechen Muslim in a country that was the cradle of civilization and freedom, takes minds to the past; to fourteen centuries ago, when the proclaimer of Islam ordered for Jihad to promote, dominate and strengthen his religion and forced many people by sword to surrender to his religion and his God called “Allah”. Even if we accept that the Prophet of Islam carried out the command of "Allah" and used such violent acts to strengthen a divine religion, but the result of using violence is obviously creating more hatred and violence. He, who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind.

1430 years After the formation of the Islamic state in Medina by the Prophet of Islam, history has been consistently witnessed the emergence of wars and bloody religious conflicts in which the security and lives of human have been endangered in the name of God.

Today, terrorist and violent operations in the name of religion continue even in secular and laic European countries. Publishing a caricature or burning a so-called holy book provokes the emotions of "believing" attackers and the result is fear, panic and hatred on the one hand and the creation new boundaries on the other; It will eventually lead to the adoption of strict immigration policies and suspicion of innocent people and social impacts in societies with cultural diversity that will ultimately threaten the domestic and global peace. indeed, what motive is there behind these purposeful adventures? If you ask that 18-year-old terrorist about the reason, surely he will mention the name of God and his satisfaction as the reason for his crime and you will find that he is expecting for promised rewards as a result of his hateful act. This is the God that Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders, has been warning about for years, the God whom religions have made and handed him over to mankind. A very small and humble god which is ineffective, as Boroujerdi described it, and he does not keep his promises. A god in whose name has frightened people from hell and have promised them a heavenly reward in the distant future, or they have imposed strict religious laws in his name on the people by force and for fear of religious punishment, even though they have called him merciful, compassionate and caressing! The prophets of the religions have spoken a lot about this God and have always belittled him and made him interfered in everything. Eventually, the followers of the religions, oppressed or tortured the people, violated their rights, and committed crimes to please this humbled god. I wish there will be a day when all the believers of religions, especially the Muslims, decide that there is no God, but in that case, they will not sacrifice anyone, and stop doing anything to satisfy him. The Paris incident was not the first crime and it will not be the last. But the important question is that who is behind these disasters? Is it not a religion and policy mafia that has benefited from the name of the same God and raised such brutal murderers for a rainy day? Indeed, they have tempted these predators to threaten the citizens and to make policies and plans for the future of the people who want to live in peace, freedom and justice.

The result of these extremist acts is not only causing shock in the secular and non-Muslims societies, but also it will have heavy consequences, even for Muslims. Because Muslims who have become a significant population around the world, are themselves the primary sacrifices of colonial and mafia policies, which have caused to the backwardness of Islamic societies and countries by implementing destructive regional policies, trade with religious dictators and supporting religious states. They have actually spent large budgets to promote such a high-risk religion for these societies, which has great potential for Jihad, suicide, stoning, denial, hatred and various discrimination in the age of civilization and freedom. This is the same Islam for which the red carpet was laid in Europe, and large budgets were spent by both governments and non-governmental organizations even the ones who are apparently defending freedom, democracy, justice, and even human rights, on Islamic studies and promotion of the religion, and they established Islamic education and teaching courses in their capitals, and also attracted the petrified and malformed brains of these countries in form of professors and researchers. The same mafia that established extremism and religious regime in Iran in 1979 with the rise of Khomeini, the regime which is continuously committing massacre and bloodshed, but still is supported and recognized.

Today, if we look well, especially at crimes such as the tragedy of Samuel's murder, we clearly see the importance of the research and activities of someone who works in the field of enlightenment and truth-telling, and has created a battleground to effectively criticize the religion of Islam. Nowadays when a teacher of history is not safe after showing a caricature in the classroom of a middle school in a small town inside a free and secular European country, then everyone understand how could be difficult and risky that a teacher like Boroujerdi, in the siege and under monitoring of an Islamic state in that Islamic country, so boldly criticizes this religion and their documents and Quran. He examines and analyzes such religious documents with references accepted by Islamic theologians, while they are not able to reasonably argue against him. Instead, they inevitably use successive knocking out and destructive reactions against him.

After all these years, the adoption of wrong and dangerous policies by European politicians, The West currently faces many impasses. Even tough policies against the followers of Islam are not a solution and I think they only fuel the fire of anger and resentment. The only way out of these dilemmas is to help and support individuals and scholars who speak to this community in the language of religion itself. The ones who have suffered from this religious violence for decades, they know that secularism alone is not the answer, and that religion itself must be purified and the god of religions must be challenged.

October 20, 2020 - The Netherlands

Maryam Moazen Zadeh,

The Representative of Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders